Adventure Jam Post-Mortem

I’ve been thinking a lot about how Adventure Jam ended up going earlier this year and I wanted to write a couple things down before moving on I guess, since moving on is something I’ve kinda recently decided to do

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[May 8-11] AJ 2017, Days 4, 5, 6, 7

Since this is a pretty hefty to-do list summed up in single bullet points (probably the rudest thing I do to myself when I make these lists is make a single point that spans hours and hours of work), I’m gonna recycle this post indefinitely until this list is done. Edits under the cut for when I have notes throughout the week

  • Flip Scene 0 for Scene 1
  • Make npcs and give them a movement path provoked by the timer
  • Make them interactable with very basic dialog
  • Build the game win scenario
    • Current goal is to have this done by Friday the 12th
      • (My secret goal in my heart is to have it done by tonight)
  • Feel out if 20 minutes feels too long or if I should shorten it to 10 I think I want it to be 10
  • Research if speeding up time would be too difficult Done! Now that I can do it I’ll ponder on the 20 min vs 10 min thing, but I’m definitely a little less worried about it now
    • Add this to the phone GUI, will help for testing too

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[May 7] AJ 2017, Day 3

Not much new to report since yesterday, still aiming to have all my foundation assets built by Monday, but if it takes me until Wednesday then I won’t be too terribly upset about the speed of it. I have a pretty bad habit of putting too much on myself to get done in a day (and then working on it for way too long), but I think my scope is pretty realistic and I’m not too worried about it right now

I’ll keep uploading asset builds to the playlist linked above and start streaming in a few minutes to continue to keep myself on pace, today I’m planning to finish the laundromat and then hopefully knock out the convenience store and the police station. That’ll be 2/3rds of the base assets I need done so I’d be really happy with that

[May 6] AJ 2017, Day 2

Here’s yesterday’s progress! I’ll keep posting progress as I compile it (I’m not gonna spend much time editing it, just gonna leave audio off and speed it up 5x) —I’ll link to the playlist that contains these videos at the top of the blog

I’ll also link to the twitch I’ll be streaming in while I’m working on the game

To-do List:

  • Finish all background assets
  • Map out Scene 0 with them instead of placeholders
  • Flip them into Scene 1
  • Map out all interactables once the backgrounds are done

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[May 5] Adventure Jam 2017, Day 1

Ok!! My goal for today is to set up the bare bones mechanics I’m gonna need as building blocks, and then if I’m moving at a fast enough pace I want to map out both scenes (using only placeholder assets). The scenes don’t have to do anything functional yet or have any interactables or npcs in them, but ideally I’d like them to have the right reset effect on each other by the end of the day and be approximately the right size. Some of this stuff I’ve practiced on with my other project and some of this stuff is kind of a blind go, but I’m hoping it moves quickly enough that I won’t have to carry any of this into tomorrow

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[May 4] Pre-Jam Prep #2

It’s worth mentioning that my sleep schedule is really erratic lately and I’m writing this at midnight as it becomes May 4th, I just woke up and I’m starting a day of researching stuff. I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference for the jam itself except for the fact that it might seem a little strange at times when I’m starting a day exactly, but probably not a big deal

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