[May 5] Adventure Jam 2017, Day 1

Ok!! My goal for today is to set up the bare bones mechanics I’m gonna need as building blocks, and then if I’m moving at a fast enough pace I want to map out both scenes (using only placeholder assets). The scenes don’t have to do anything functional yet or have any interactables or npcs in them, but ideally I’d like them to have the right reset effect on each other by the end of the day and be approximately the right size. Some of this stuff I’ve practiced on with my other project and some of this stuff is kind of a blind go, but I’m hoping it moves quickly enough that I won’t have to carry any of this into tomorrow

Here’s today’s to-do checklist:

  • Timer
    • Runs when started
    • Resets when scene 0 is started
    • Resets scene 0 when it’s restarted
    • Triggers cutscenes
    • Stops in scene 1
    • Pauses in the menu
    • Shows both in game and on pause menu
    • Loads a game over cutscene when it hits 00:00 later
  • Menu
    • All buttons function:
      • Save
      • Load
      • Resume
      • Options
      • Journal/Notes to self later
  • Journal
    • Play with this and figure out how it works/understand it better
    • Once I understand it make sure that resetting scene 0 doesnt reset the journal
  • Scenes
    • Scene 0 mapped out with placeholder assets
    • Scene 1 also mapped out (Gonna do some assets and plug them in to scene 0 first so that there’ll be less to adjust in the mirror)
    • They interact with each other the way they should when you move between them
  • Camera
    • Switches to constrain to the current “room”? If possible? (Might not need to, check this once actual assets are in) later
  • Note to self that all scenes I end up building should include in the OnStart the constraint on player’s y axis movement

Flavor stuff to do later:

  • Email, messages, and call at the bottom (not functional)
  • Flicker effect on phone in other world
  • “Notes to self” button map
  • Skin the ingame phone
  • Make it pan up from the bottom better
  • Fix the bleeding seconds on the menu
  • Fix the bleeding seconds going between “rooms”
  • Camera constraints if necessary

Next Goal:

  • Start creating BG assets
  • World built and all bg assets and ready for flipping/editting for scene 1 by… let’s say Monday? (idk if that’s too optimistic but I’m gonna try)


EDIT #1:

Logging a quick visual progress report, I’m gonna throw a quick placeholder graphic together for the menu and focus on making it functional for a bit (and turn that entertainment mode pop-up off so i dont capture it in my recording again lol)


EDIT #2:

This looks awful but it’s fine for now, polish comes later

I really can’t wait to get to making assets tbh, this stuff is pretty ugly to look at. But it feels good getting stuff working, it’s pretty satisfying getitng a screen that slid off the phone’s surface 27 times finally looking kind of like an actual phone

I’m gonna take a look at the journal system, try to get that working + actually on the phone, then I’ll rearrange the icons so they’re more intuitive, then I’ll probs do the ingame phone so it matches the pause phone and it actually looks like it’s sliding up from the bottom instead of… what it’s doing now

I think the save states should also have a better naming convention or let you name them but I’ll keep moving forward for now, I’ll loop back to that later in the polish stage

Also I’m bleeding seconds between menu selections so I’ll have to take a look at that and figure out why and where but it’s not worst case scenario if I can’t figure it out


EDIT #3: After playing with it and a couple other things, the journal system isn’t what I want… I think I’m gonna go with a button map instead that starts out greyed out and then each button is activated when you witness a cutscene, and then the button calls up a line of text and a back button

…….but how am I gonna do that if it’s all one scene………. 8| It’s gonna have to be proximity based……… or maybe you automatically log all the info from the “room” you’re in even if it’s on the other side of the room out of view? I’m gonna have to think about that and see if I can even differentiate them that way……. maybe ill put this part off until later for time purposes bc its not imperative to it being a completed game that it exists, if push comes to shove maybe I can just put in a notepad thing that you can type into yourself to track notes that you care about


EDIT #4:

Ok. The skeleton is done as far as I can tell. I’m having a little trouble keeping myself on task (I’m really nervous LMAO), but I might record setting up each scene with placeholders and leave this entry alone for now

I obvs need to pay a little more attention to what objects are on what layer but when its just placeholders like this I’m not especially bothered


Today’s Stupid-Mistake-That-Crashed-Unity Count: 4

  1. Made a menu ui with no elements and ran the game
  2. Caused a stack overflow setting up the options menu
  3. Set the other world scene to indefinitely reload itself OnStart
  4. Didn’t make the timer turning back on wait for the timer running backwards to finish