[May 6] AJ 2017, Day 2

Here’s yesterday’s progress! I’ll keep posting progress as I compile it (I’m not gonna spend much time editing it, just gonna leave audio off and speed it up 5x) —I’ll link to the playlist that contains these videos at the top of the blog

I’ll also link to the twitch I’ll be streaming in while I’m working on the game

To-do List:

  • Finish all background assets
  • Map out Scene 0 with them instead of placeholders
  • Flip them into Scene 1
  • Map out all interactables once the backgrounds are done

The only reason I’m doing backgrounds first is so I’ll be able to set exactly where interactables are in space and not have to adjust their placement later, then I can just skin them with the final assets when I make those at the end of the jam

Less blog more build! I’ll be streaming the asset creation on Twitch and then I’ll compile them and upload them to Youtube later, I’ll check in occasionally/leave notes under the cut on this entry today whenever I have something new to comment on, but for now full steam ahead!