[May 8-11] AJ 2017, Days 4, 5, 6, 7

Since this is a pretty hefty to-do list summed up in single bullet points (probably the rudest thing I do to myself when I make these lists is make a single point that spans hours and hours of work), I’m gonna recycle this post indefinitely until this list is done. Edits under the cut for when I have notes throughout the week

  • Flip Scene 0 for Scene 1
  • Make npcs and give them a movement path provoked by the timer
  • Make them interactable with very basic dialog
  • Build the game win scenario
    • Current goal is to have this done by Friday the 12th
      • (My secret goal in my heart is to have it done by tonight)
  • Feel out if 20 minutes feels too long or if I should shorten it to 10 I think I want it to be 10
  • Research if speeding up time would be too difficult Done! Now that I can do it I’ll ponder on the 20 min vs 10 min thing, but I’m definitely a little less worried about it now
    • Add this to the phone GUI, will help for testing too

I ended up skimming the creation of the base assets yesterday, just kinda went through and made stuff that I could be okay with leaving in the game if I didn’t have time to refine them later. I might end up redoing/editing all of them but I think it’ll be easier to redo them from a base than to make them all from scratch.. plus having something there now at least lets me see what the rooms look like

I spent a little bit of time refining my player character sprite too and I’m pretty happy with it (though I’ll definitely want to make final tweeks when the actual permanent assets are done), I sketched some designs for the other characters and I’m pretty happy with them… I think I should probably put off the walk cycle for next week (shouldn’t animate until I’m 100% committed to the design) and focus on actually building the story with placeholders now that I can for the most part see/permanently place where hotspots and objects will go

I thought I might shorten my 20 minute game time window down to 10.. I keep thinking that I want it to be a fairly snappy amount of time between when you do something and when you get to see if it worked? Or at least not feel TOO punshing to someone who has to restart the whole thing over after almost having it just right. I might invest a little bit of time into researching how to put in an option that speeds up time and then also speeds up the cutscenes that are time triggered

EDIT #1 (Day 5)

Building the win scenario is probs gonna take me a few more days – my goal is to have it done for Friday before I start to worry about how much time it’s taking me

EDIT #2 (Day 6)

I’d kinda wanted to put in a dumb little snake game to help pass the time with, but I think it might be faster (and better suited to what I can immediately do without doing too much more research) if I do a couple frames of animation and make the time wasting app Netflix instead

I’ll leave the timer on the screen so you can keep track of it and let a little derp animation play under it… maybe include a little message like “this is the only show I have downloaded to my device, I wish I’d plan for times of no wifi in advance but who thinks about it”

Note to self to brainstorm some ideas for parody show… I think back to the future is a pretty obvious one, maybe I’ll do twin peaks or stranger things

EDIT #3 (Day 7)

Finally done with the win scenario and decently happy with it! I’ll stop recycling this post and use a new one tomorrow, first order of business tomorrow is gonna be building the lose interactions