[May 12] AJ 2017, Day 8

Okay! First new post in a while, first new actual order of business! Today’s goals are:

  • Build the lose scenarios & game over screens
    • Lose scenarios
      • Bad End 1
      • Shift into Phase 2
        • Phase 2 Completed
      • Bad End 2
      • Good End
  • All essential NPCs in the game and speaking correctly in all four parts
  • All nonessential NPCs also in game
    • (I was gonna animate them moving around throughout the hour but I might have most nonessentials be stationary to save on animation time)
  • Set all major dialog in place
    • Skin interactable choices with dialog boxes
    • Cutscene for story setup

I’d like most of this to be done today, sans the dialog which I’m sure will take me much longer… let’s say that I’d like this list to be fully complete and all in the right place by…  Monday the 15th, to be on the very generous side. (I’ll aim for Saturday personally)

Here’s a list of everything else I want to get done once those two things are done, some of which I’ve been working on off an on when my brain’s been a bit too slow to work out the actual coding. I’ll keep adding to this as I think of stuff, and I’ll take stuff off as I realize I don’t have time for them.

  • Flip the first win path and mirror it for the other npc path
  • Title Screen lol saved this one for late huh
    • Skin it better
  • Flavor interactions
  • PC sprite complete
    • Plus animations
  • NPC sprites complete
    • Plus animations
  • Final GUI sprites, make em look good
    • In Game Menus
    • Title Screens
    • End Games
  • If there’s time, do a little best end screen pic? (maybe 2?)
  • Pixel font in place across all menu types
  • Redo game assets (go light on this, just tweak them don’t completely redo them)
    • Scrap the alley and some of the excess length on the store & laundromat
    • Backgrounds
    • Separate the store counters onto their own layer and tuck npcs behind them
    • Split the laundromat map and make the right side a higher layer
    • Rethink chairs for time saving re: animations (scrapped)
    • Add foreground elements to improve aesthetic
  • Sound effects made and added where needed, very basic
    • Proximity based?
    • Here’s a list of what I think I’ll need based on what I know now:
      • Timer Going Off
      • GUI blips
      • “Netflix” chatter
      • Cell Phone Ringing
      • Tinkering with register
      • Street bg noise
        • muffled for alley
      • Store bg noise
      • Cafe bg noise
      • Police bg noise
      • Otherworld ambience
      • Alarm
      • Opening Doors?
  • Camera shift when inside vs outside
    • (I figured out how to do this, I know I’d been nervous about whether I could or not before, I just have to do it after the final assets are done so the size is pixel perfect)
  • Journal Notes (if there’s time) (probs not)
  • Music
    • (Absolute last on my list just bc I’m not 100% sure I’ll have time to really push myself to learn how to do this in a couple days let alone even a couple weeks, and even if I do get to it I just want something really really basic)

And some bugs I’ve noticed that I need to fix by the end of the week:

  • Lock the menu out when player is given choices
  • “Netflix” app also closes when timer runs out
  • “Netflix” app turns off the ingame timer at the bottom of the screen when running
  • Timer is closed and paused during conversations
    • Might need to make a background menu that turns on and pauses that speech appears over
  • Comb the load game feature in a few different scenarios and make sure everything is smooth in the OnLoad script

Hopefully I’ll get back to assets ASAP and have the maximum amount of time to work on them and really bring them up to where I want them to be. When I’m there I’ll start streaming again to keep myself on track, but when it comes to scripting and stuff I figure 1. it’s kind of boring to look at and 2. I don’t super wanna spoil anything I guess

I’ll edit this as I go!


I’m already starting to see a lot of ways I can improve the base assets I have in the game while also making my world a little more compact. Very excited about that and absolutely cant wait to get back to assets

I might take a break later today if I get enough non-dialog things done to dabble back into art again, I miss it and could use the pick me up


12 hours later i am dragging



i also have a previous commitment i have to pause devving for that will inevitably take at least another 7 hours to do tonight, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tantrummmmmmmmm

i might postpone the undone parts of this list and spend tomorrow doing……………assets…….or something fun…………….. idk dude i am drained and not looking forward to how far away bedtime is

i should note im not worried i wont finish, im just worried im gonna hate it by the time im done lmao, that might be inevitable tho and is less important than just finishing still

im actually kind of surprised that i managed to pick something with an actually accomplish-able scope tho, i was pretty sure i was gonna be too ambitious considering ive not finished anything before this? i think it helps that i gave myself a lot of “i can totally scrap this part if theres no time” options to daydream about while keeping my core mechanics and story pretty strong and accomplish-able

but i guess i shouldnt jinx myself actually so lemme stop writing and figure out what to do about tomorrow tomorrow