[May 14-17] AJ 2017, Another Composite Blog

Notes under the cut about what I’ve been working on the last couple days

  • BG interactions: all essential NPCs in the game and speaking correctly in all four parts
  • All nonessential NPCs also in game
  • Set all major dialog in place
    • Skin interactable choices with dialog boxes
    • Intro
      • Set-up
      • Phase shift setup
    • Phase 1
      • Intro to phase 1 in other world
      • Phase 1 interactions
    • Phase 2
      • Phase 2 setup
      • Phase 2 interactables
      • real world effects of phase 2
    • Endings
    • NPC dialog
      • Main NPC
      • Minor NPCs

EDIT #1:

I gotta say, I’m still not worried I won’t finish (I could finish it up in about a day now without the assets being 100% aesthetically where I want them to be and still in the end have an entry, even if it wasn’t up to the standards I’d hoped it would be), but it’s getting increasingly harder to keep my brain on task for more than…..

…..10 hours a day….

Writing that out seems a lot more ridiculous than it does in my head

EDIT #2:

Calling it a day, if everything but the dialog is done tomorrow and the dialog is all done by Weds instead I’ll still feel pretty good about this and also feel like I’ll have enough time to really get my assets up to where I want them

If it takes longer than Weds then…………… oh well

The bright side is I have learned a lot in the last two weeks and I’m really excited to get back to work on my other project… and I’m even more excited to be able to work on it at my own pace